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Gender Focus for the Village Bicycle Project in Ghana

The 2006 review of the Village Bicycle Project (Ghana) is now online. The biggest news is the initiation of their new women's programs that are training women to become bicycle repair instructors.

In much of Southern Ghana cultural stigma keeps women from using bicycles with the result that less than 1% of bicycle use in this region is by women.  In Ghana's North where women commonly cycle women do not use tools to repair or maintain their bicycles.  Under the conviction that it only takes one female cyclist or mechanic to begin a cultural shift the Village Bicycle Project (VBP) has undertaken a skills transfer programme that not only trains women to repair and maintain bicycles but trains women to train others in bicycle repair and maintenance.

For more information download the VBP's 2006 review:

or see Jaye Marolla, VBP Womens Program Coordinator's regular blog at: