Community Participation

In areas where the transport needs of poor and marginalised people are overlooked by national transport policies, a shift from communities as passive recipients to active participants could provide the catalyst for sustainable transport solutions. Community participation in the planning implementation, maintenance and evaluation of transport interventions can ensure a response appropriate to local mobility needs that will utilise local knowledge, generate solutions applicable to local resources, improve the transparency and acceptability of transport investments, contribute to capacity building and reduce dependency.

Key Resources:

IFRTD's Forum News issue 12.2 (Sept 05) focuses on community participation in transport management. Articles include:
Promoting Dialogue between Community and the State in Nicaragua
Community Parliaments in Kenya
Integrating Water Transport in Bangladesh
Rehabilitating a Milk Road in Peru
Click here to download this issue of Forum News (pdf 114kb)

An International Workshop on Community Participation in Transport Management
Cajamarca, Peru. 5-7 April 2005
Click here for more information and the workshop report

The Toolkit for Promoting the Sustainability of Rural Transport and Development. Presented as a user friendly tri-lingual CD-Rom (English, French and Spanish), this toolkit demands a greater understanding of the political and social relationships between stakeholders and promotes recognition of the interdependence of rehabilitation and maintenance as a condition for sustainability. It includes case studies from Latin America, Africa and Asia to highlight lessons learned from community transport initiatives. The toolkit is available free of charge on request. Click here for more details

Boda Boda Bicycle Transport Services. The Ngware Bicycle Transporters Youth Group in Kisumu Kenya earn a living by providing both cargo and passenger services using bicycles. For more information about the development and organisation of this organisation click here



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