Vision, Mission & Core Values


At the heart of IFRTD is a clear understanding of the sort of world we would like to see, how we can work towards that goal and the values that guide us:

Poor and vulnerable communities in developing countries are able to improve their lives through enhanced mobility, access and economic opportunity.
As a Southern-driven global network IFRTD works to improve policies and practices in transport operations, infrastructure, access and service provision that will benefit the lives of poor rural communities in developing countries through dialogue, information sharing, capacity building, research and advocacy.

  • IFRTD is committed to addressing the accessibility and mobility needs of poor and vulnerable communities as a catalyst for improving their lives.
  • We aim to work together with others to add value to the transport and development sector and we aim strive to work with other non-transport sector organisations to ensure a holistic approach to the mobility and access needs and potentials of poor communities.
  • We empower and support network members to influence both mainstream policy and to promote and uphold marginalised issues related to access and mobility.
  • We are a Southern-driven global network of individuals and organisations whose strength lies in the collaborative use of our collective knowledge, skills and interests.
  • We uphold the principles of non-hierarchical and democratic networking. We are committed to the decentralisation of decision-making and implementation. We strive to provide all members with equal opportunities to participate in the activities of the network and take ownership of the network.
  • We have a participative governance structure that is representative of the network.
  • We are a flexible, dynamic and innovative network through self questioning and learning.
  • We freely share knowledge and information to promote change in a multi-disciplinary, cross regional, multi-lingual way.
  • IFRTD is committed to disseminating information to the widest possible audience using both print and electronic media.
  • IFRTD strives for gender equality both in the transport and development sector and within its own network.
  • We respect cultural diversity and oppose all forms of discrimination due to sex, race, age, social status or religion.
  • Membership of IFRTD will be open to all those who share our vision, mission and values. Members will have the right to engage in the Forum in a non-hierarchical, democratic and participatory manner.
  • We recognise and value the contribution of our members for amongst other things the time, experience, expertise, communications, contacts, services and locally raised fund they bring to IFRTD.



Contact Person: Peter Njenga
Position: Executive Director and Coordinator East and Southern Africa
Tel/Fax: +254 (20) 883323
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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